Server Room Cooling | Spot Coolers | Portable AC Rentals | Dallas, TX

Server Room Cooling - Portable AC units or spot coolers as they are sometimes called are available for sale or can be rented on a weekly basis, monthly or even for long-term construction projects. ServerCOOL will work with your team to determine the correct portable cooling capacity requirements for your situation, as well as the voltage requirements and finding just the right size units to meet your needs.

Spot Coolers can be positioned in server room hot spots, data centers, commercial offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals or on manufacturing assembly lines. Proper sizing for your portable air conditioning systems becomes one of the most important aspects of the service we provide. If you size the portable AC systems too small, they will not cool your area properly and if you size your systems too large, you waste energy, money and end up with a very inefficient portable air conditioner.

For this very reason, we will ask lots of questions when speaking to you about your portable cooling specifications. We want to provide the best possible service to you, so we will need to get the proper information to be certain the system you purchase or rent from ServerCOOL will be correct for your situation.