Nortek Air Solutions’ ServerCool Introduces the World’s Most Powerful CDU for Data Center Liquid Cooling

The CDU1200’s industry first 1.2-MW of cooling capacity in a density of 14.6 (1.3-m2) is a game-changer for all data centers ranging up to HPC and immersion liquid cooling.

St. Louis, (August 12, 2019) —Nortek™ Air Solutions has introduced the CDU1200, a 1,200-kW coolant distribution unit (CDU) that’s the single most powerful, compact CDU on the planet, and the newest addition to its ServerCool™ data center liquid cooling product line.

The CDU1200’s small 58 (d) x 35 (w)-inch (1,475 x 900-mm) footprint supplies an industry-first 1.2-MW of cooling capacity in a density of 14.6-ft2 (1.3-m2) that helps attain optimum power usage effectiveness (PUE). The CDU1200 is a perfect new construction or retrofit liquid cooling solution for high performance computing (HPC) and enterprise data centers, as well co-location, corporate network edge, government, research and other data center formats. In an age where liquid cooling is required to support growing chip power densities, the CDU1200’s kW/ft2 capacity is unrivaled when directly compared to competitor products.

The CDU1200’s compatibility with existing ServerCool CDU’s, such as the CD6 300-kW floor mount and the CD5 50-kW rack-mount, enables modular growth of existing systems. The CDU1200’s superior pumping power also allows it to be placed outside of the white space.

The CDU1200’s highly-efficient heat exchanger technology thermally transfers primary loop cooling to the secondary loop’s liquid cooling circuit for distribution to IT rack cold plates.

The CDU1200 offers two redundant 15-hp stainless steel pumps with many energy-efficient features including electronically-commutated (EC) motors and variable frequency inverters that efficiently modulate optimum performance flow rates for the system’s 320-gpm (1,211-L/m) capacity.

System water purity is optimized with a standard 50-micron washable ultra filter/strainer and an optional ultraviolet (UV) light biological contaminant sterilization system.

The CDU1200 has an onboard programmable logic controller (PLC)-based microprocessor using custom-written, proprietary software based on ServerCool’s decades of liquid cooling control experience. The system’s full instrumentation of triple-redundant pressure transducers and temperature sensors offer unprecedented pinpoint control and monitoring of vital statistics, such as primary and secondary loop discharge/return temperatures, data hall temperature and humidity, pump PSI and many other critical parameters. Operation parameters are accessed from the CDU1200’s user-friendly, seven-inch (17-cm) color LED touchscreen HMI or a remote monitor. The unit’s control infrastructure features compatibility and plug-and-play connections with Modbus, BACnet™ and other building automation system (BAS) protocols.

The CDU1200 has a narrow Delta-T temperature which helps facilitate eligibility for the Green500 supercomputers list. It’s rated nominally with a 90°F (32°C) primary and a 7.2°F (4°C) approach Delta-T and exceeds 2.5-MW capacity with an approach of 14.4°F (8°C).
Nortek’s commitment to the CDU1200’s quality control and short lead times is illustrated by a newly-built state-of-the-art, dedicated production line established at Nortek Global HVAC’s world-class 350,000-square-foot (32,516-m2) Dyersburg, Tenn., manufacturing facility. The Demand Flow Technology-certified plant uses quality control and reliability processes, such as multiple checkpoints each with the unit’s CAD drawings on a computer monitor. A 100-percent computer-automated testing system prevents human error.

The CDU1200 design also includes:
• Requires less life space than a CRAC when converting a data center to higher cooling and higher density liquid cooling;
• Robotically welded, corrosion-resistant ASIS 316 stainless steel is used instead of some competitors’ plastic piping that potentially melts or leaks easily under higher pressures. Piping infrastructure is subjected to a stringent series of factory pressure and hydraulic quality control testing;
• Maintenance is minimal and requires only periodic filter/strainer checks;
• Modulating actuator valve can control dew point and prevent condensation;
• Compatible with all brands of chillers, evaporative coolers, cooling towers and other chilled water central plant formats;
• User-definable LED alarms for leak detection/prevention and performance criteria;
• Fixed flow meters on primary and secondary circuits;
• Two-year standard warranty–one of the industry’s longest;
• Optional manifolds and dripless smart connector accessories fit all cold plate piping configurations.

ServerCool products are ISO-9001:2015-certified and backed by Nortek’s proven 20 years of mission critical experience, design and customer support.