Move to Dyersburg, TN provides room for automation to meet product demand

St. Louis, April 1, 2019 — Starting June 1, 2019, ServerCool cooling distribution units (CDUs) will be manufactured on a new state-of-the-art production line in Dyersburg, TN. The larger, more high-tech facility provides room for automation and streamlined manufacturing to meet the company’s worldwide demand for high-quality, innovative CDUs.

By executing this plan, the company and its customers will experience many improvements, which is important as the market for this product grows.

The Dyersburg facility is an existing Nortek-owned and operated plant that features:
• 367,000 square foot manufacturing footprint;
• 173 directly-employed personnel (can support up to 550 during peak periods);
• 24/7, 4×10 hour work schedule as needed;
• Demand Flow Technology certified employees;
• Dedicated quality and engineering teams for ServerCool products;
• An excellent safety record.

The plant has five fabrication areas and four separate production lines – the latest a dedicated ServerCool CDU production line.

“We are excited to expand to a new, larger facility and look forward to providing our customers with high-quality CDUs supported by our growing R&D activities,” Francis Doyle, Group Vice President Mission Critical Sales said. “Liquid cooling is becoming more main stream as chip power densities increase, CDUs play an important role in the operation of today’s HPC and data center servers.”

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