Upgraded Active Rear Door Heat Exchanger for Data Center Cooling

The ADHX 35-6B outperforms other active rear door heat exchangers in TCO and PUE; offers a smaller footprint that cuts real estate and installation costs.

Nortek Global HVAC has introduced the ADHX 35-6B, a 35kW Active Rear Door Heat Exchanger (ADHX) to its ServerCool data center liquid cooling product line.

The ADHX 35-6B is the next generation of ServerCool’s successful ADHX featuring upgrades in redundancy, user-friendliness, durability, and energy efficiency; but without sacrificing the previous generation’s renowned mechanical design and competitive cost. Consequently, the ADHX 35-6B outperforms other data center industry ADHXs in total cost of ownership (TCO) and power usage effectiveness (PUE). Furthermore it offers a real estate cost-cutting smaller footprint, and a proven engineering design that lowers both installation and maintenance costs.

The upgraded design, which is applicable for retrofits and new data center buildings with chilled water facilities, consumes less than 500 watts of power for the 35kW of cooling it provides, which helps contribute to a PUE as low as 1.033.

The upgraded design includes:

  • Redundant temperature sensors on both the ultra slim coil’s inlet and outlet to prevent overheating and provide an effective failsafe. Coils also offer both top and bottom water connections to accommodate any data center hydronic piping configurations;
  • User-friendly 4-inch-wide (101-mm) color Modbus and BACnet-compatible touchscreen controller that includes dew point control and airflow/air pressure user-definable control. Controller also monitors, controls and records entering and leaving water/air temperatures, and the data center hall’s ambient temperature/humidity;
  • Control valve for efficiently modulating flow rates across the door with the ability to control dew points and prevent condensation modulating optional integrated actuated valve;
  • Robust industrial-grade door hinges for unprecedented durability;
  • User-definable LED alarms as well as leak detection and prevention;
  • Plug-and-play interface quickly connects system to server electronics and the building management system (BMS);
  • Quick connect coil flow meter.

The ADHX 35-6B control sequencing also incorporates a fan speed loop. The fan speed loop’s sensors evaluate rack server fan performance and adjust the corresponding variable EC axial fan speed from minimum to optimum speed to satisfy the coil temperature set point. An override feature allows fans to run at 100-percent capacity during high temperature events.

The ADHX 35-6B’s small, lightweight 109-mm-deep (4-1/4-inch) footprint (280-mm-deep (11-inch) if optional frame adapter is included), requires considerably less data center floor space due to the use of hot swappable N + 1, electronically commutated (EC), simpler and more efficient DC axial fans versus other brands’ bulkier centrifugal blowers.

The ADHX 35-B streamlines the end-users installation and maintenance costs, because its single model product line with superior flexible modulation capabilities and inherent control strategies that equal operating capacity ranges of competing brands’ multiple model product lines. If capacity above 35kW is needed, more efficient direct-to-chip liquid cooling such as ServerCool’s in-rack 20kW and 300kW floor-mounted CDUs that can accommodate most heat load requirements and future-proof the application.

The ADHX 35-6B is available now with:

  • Optional custom-made adaption frame for all rack widths and heights;
  • Two-year standard warranty;
  • Optional manifolds and smart connector accessories;
  • Compatibility with ServerCool CDU cooling products

ServerCool products are backed by Nortek’s proven 20-year mission critical experience, reputation, and customer support.

For more information about ServerCool products, visit www.servercool.com or call 1-800-695-1901 to find a manufacturer’s representative.



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