World’s Most Powerful Supercomputers use ServerCool Technology

New research has revealed that ServerCool liquid cooling technology is supporting a number of the the world’s 100 most powerful supercomputers worldwide.

 The list, published by ranks the 500 most powerful supercomputers worldwide. The results show an increase from last year in systems using direct to chip liquid cooling, supported by ServerCool’s CDU technology.

A similar list, detailing the top 500 most energy efficient supercomputers also shows a large number of systems using ServerCool technology.

ServerCool cooling technology helps improve the effectiveness of high capacity computing, by contributing to the net computing flop increase of these systems, and the optimisation of their energy efficiency metrics (such as kW/flops; kW/ft2, PUE…)

The three most powerful computers using ServerCool technology are the TSUBAME3.0; Cheyenne and Centennial. These systems also rank highly on the Green500 list, with the TSUBAME3.0 having previously been listed as the #1 most energy efficient supercomputer on the planet.

Mat Hery, Product Manager at ServerCool said: “We’re delighted to see our liquid cooling solutions featuring heavily in these lists, and are proud to be playing a pivotal role in the optimisation of supercomputers’ lifecycle performance. This consolidates ServerCool as the ‘go-to’ when it comes to CDU design and build.

 “Our technical partnerships with OEM vendors such as HPE, IBM, Fujitsu and Lenovo combined with our 25+ years of experience of liquid cooling servers has allowed us to reach the point where we are relied upon to enable the next generation of high-performance computing.”

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